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Dalies   Dec 28, 2017   Scott Drudge

Cutting The Cable TV Cord

Thinking about cutting the cord? So what’s stopping you? Are tied to certain programming only available on cable or Satellite? Or do you find that you really only watch a few programs from only a few different stations?

Dalies   Nov 28, 2013   Scott Drudge

New Low-Bandwidth Video Coding Standard

With the increase in HD video resolution, the bandwidth required to deliver these better quality images increases as well. Think of it as trying to shove a watermelon down a garden hose. Short of having TARDIS technology where the inside of the pipe is bigger than the outside, there is only so much room to […]

Video Compression
Web Sites Portfolio   Oct 21, 2013   Scott Drudge

Frederick’s Of Hollywood

Fredericks of Hollywood Desc: A well-known retailer of women’s lingerie in the United States, with stores in many modern shopping malls across the USA.

Frederick's of Hollywood
Home Page   Oct 20, 2013   Scott Drudge


[one_half][box  type=”home”] DMM New Site and Services   Drudge Multimedia launches a new site design with the new company changes working toward creating quality web sites, video production, graphics and more. From logo design to print pieces to web and video, we will cover all your marketing needs. Choose only the services you want. Start […]

Dalies   Aug 11, 2013   Scott Drudge

Come On and Zoom, Zoom, Zoom On Zoom…

Whether to zoom or not to zoom when shooting your masterpiece. That is the question often a Videographer or Director of Photography must ask when out shooting that masterpiece project. Most film schools have always taught one to use prime lenses only and to never zoom. Sure, a zoom lens has its place – doing […]

Come On and Zoom, Zoom, Zoom On Zoom…
Dalies   Aug 11, 2013   Scott Drudge

Still stuck in an old editing package like Final Cut Pro 7?

Are you still hanging on to Final Cut Pro 7? Should you consider using Final Cut X, or switch to Premiere, or something else? Really the answer boils down to: “Which editing software is best for you, your clients, and your end product.” But if you are still undecided, read on. There are still a […]

Still stuck in an old editing package like Final Cut Pro 7?
Dalies   Aug 10, 2013   Scott Drudge

20 new 4K cameras to hit the market before NAB

Atomos, based in Melbourne, Australia designs and manufactures low-cost external recorders that can also be used as field monitors, as well as a range of portable, battery powered signal format converters. Fluent in Japanese, Young liaises with and maintains a close relationship with camera makers. And although he was unable to give any specific details because of strict non-disclosure agreements, […]

20 new 4K cameras to hit the market before NAB