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WordPress Developer

I’ve been working with WordPress for over 14 years. Many of the sites I’ve set up for clients and myself are built upon WordPress.
I also create many custom plug-ins, theme enhancements and custom additions.  Supporting and troubleshooting client sites is also key.
As one example, some sites like Fender Guitars had its start as a WordPress site and the team I was involved with took that foundation to build out many more Fender Musical Instrument sites, music blogs and more.

Content Creation

Creating content whether it be copy for web sites, technical documents, creative writing or script writing. I’ve done it all. My skills for graphic content include PhotoShop, Premiere Pro, After Effects, Illustrator, XD, and more Adobe suite. As well as open source tools for graphic and animation — Blender, Krita, InkPad, ProCreate and others. Basically if there’s a creative tool needed to support a clients site, I’ve either done it or will pick it up and run with it.

I am an accomplished Videographer, Photographer, SteadiCam Operator, Stage Tech, Lighting Directory, Technical Director, Vision Mixer, and 1st AD, just to name a few.

Full Stack LAMP/WAMP/WIMP Development

I am well versed and trained in PHP, MySQL, Apache, IIS, Windows, Linux, JavaScript/JQuery, CSS, HTML stack. Using my PHP skills I’ve built enhancements to Word Press client sites, created custom sites and APIs as needed using basic and framework based solutions.

Front End Design

I specialize in front-end design by bringing together the HTML, CSS and JavaScript code to create a user interface.
Using UX/UI principals I can take a concept from sketch to wire-frame to prototype and to final design to get what the client wants in their presentation.

UI/UX Design

My favorite tool is Adobe XD for layout design as well as all of the Adobe graphic suite to create imagery used in XD designs, web sites, videos and more.

Robotic Process Automation

Using automation tools like UiPath I can get your human based mundane data entry changed over to a bot that can help to eliminate or reduce the amount of precious time needed. This helps free up human resources for other tasks, reduces overall cost and improves accuracy.

Programming is great, if you have the time to get that next project through the development pipeline. But for many mundane task, most programming can take months or years to achieve what a robotic process automation can do in just a few short weeks.

Scott’s Skills

Note: The Skills here are based upon a self evaluation from 0 to 100%. Most all of the skills are current, or have been used in the past few years across many different projects.

Experience  |  Last Used
20+ Years | Current
PHP frameworks: CodeIgniter, Laravel
8 Years | Current

WordPress / WordPress Framework
15+ Years | Current

15+ Years | Current

20+ Years | Current

Frontend Frameworks: Bootstrap
6 Years | Current

13 Years | Current

9 Years | 2019

6 Years | Current

12+ Years | Current

6 Years | Current

JS Frameworks:Angular/TypeScript, Vue, ReactJS
5 Years | Current

C#, VB.Net
8+ Years | 2019

Experience  |  Last Used
UI Path Robotic Process Automation
3 Years | Current

WordPress Custom Themes,
Enhancements, Custom Plugins
15+ Years | Current

3 Years | 2016

8 Years | 2014

5+ Years | Current

Kentico 9 & Custom Coding
2 Years | 2017

20+ Years | Current

PostgreSQL / SQLite
4 Years | Current

10 Years | 2013

Sales Force Marketing Cloud, Sales Force Dot Com
6 Years | Current

SPMC Ampscript
6 Years | Current

2 Years | 2017

Cloud Solutions: Heroku, Azure, Amazon, Google, Adobe
5 Years | Current

Experience  |  Last Used
Adobe CC Suite: Premiere, After Effects, PhotoShop, Illustrator, XD, Etc.
9+ Years | Current

Blender 3-D / 2-D Animation
10+ Years | Current

Anime Studio
7 Years | 2019

5+ Years | 2007

Technical Director/Vision Mixer
20+ Years | Current

Lighting Engineer
20+ Years | Current

Sound Engineer
20+ Years | Current

20+ Years | Current

Mix Craft
7 Years | Cirremt

5 Years | 2017

Solid Works
3 Years | 2010

3 Years | 2010

5 Years | 2010